Monday, January 18, 2021
    Tags #MeToo

    Tag: #MeToo

    ‘The time to change is now’: Women behind the camera

    We need to make a career as a female filmmaker seem possible, and to put pressure on the industry to give more women a chance

    Weinstein’s Sentencing: A Small Victory For Survivors Everywhere

    Harvey Weinstein’s sentencing should be celebrated, says Lauren Shirreff, but it is only a drop in the ocean in the fight against sexual violence.

    Taking Down Power: Atwood on Weinstein

    TW: Sexual Assault The Handmaid’s Tale is my favourite book - cliché for a nineteen-year-old humanities student, I am aware. I picked up a copy...

    Hopes for a Future Cinema: Less Lonely Women, More Little Women

    Cinema, just like all other industries, follows a trend. And right now, this trend is unmistakably associated with women – with celebrities wearing “Time’s...

    From #Me Too to Las Tesis: A Decade of Progress or...

    Why do women across the world, at the close of the decade, still feel the need to shout, ‘it wasn’t my fault, not where I was, not what I wore’?

    Love will tear us apart

    Jamie Johnson and Helena Peacock debate whether women should participate in the proposed sex-strike against US abortion law.

    Inquiry finds St Hugh’s failed to take sufficient action over accusations...

    Members of the college's governing body expressed “profound sorrow” after the inquiry into the conduct of a deceased Fellow who a former student accused of “doing a Weinstein on me”.

    Is Louis C.K. back, and how should the comedy world respond?

    Why newer, more innovative comedians deserve more attention than Louis CK's controversial comeback.

    Accused don declared fit for prison

    Tariq Ramadan was hospitalised after twelve days in prison awaiting trial