Monday, May 16, 2022
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Pens, paper and panic: Contamination OCD

Contamination OCD is commonly understood as a form of OCD wherein the obsessions and compulsions experienced by an individual orientate around catching and spreading...

BREAKING: Closure of Oxford Fever confirmed

"The announcements of both Fever and Cirkus shutting their doors, follow the recent closures of other music and club venues across the city."

Clubs in crisis: the UK’s declining night time industry

"If not for a healthy dose of nostalgia to remedy bitter envy, remembering the cultural importance of clubbing will ensure the scene doesn’t collapse entirely."

Oxford Reopened: Temple Lounge

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Oxford students who wanted to catch infectious diseases had to venture into Cowley. Back in the ‘old normal’, Temple Lounge...

Spoons? Spoons.

An exploration of why we love Britain's most quintessential student pub chain.

Cellar reaches £80k crowdfunding target

The nightclub has raised enough money to undertake building renovations needed to prevent its closure

Cellar faces threat of closure after fire safety concerns

The Council have ordered the venue to reduce its maximum capacity to 60 people

Plumbing issues cause cancellation of O2 Academy gig

Rock band Don Bronco told fans: "a lot of you are currently standing in human faeces."

From Cellar to worldwide fame – an interview with Objekt

TJ Hertz on small venues, diversity in techno and track ID culture.

Bully takes on ticket touts

IDs will now be matched with the names on purchased tickets