Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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    Tag: Nightlife

    Spoons? Spoons.

    An exploration of why we love Britain's most quintessential student pub chain.

    Cellar reaches £80k crowdfunding target

    The nightclub has raised enough money to undertake building renovations needed to prevent its closure

    Cellar faces threat of closure after fire safety concerns

    The Council have ordered the venue to reduce its maximum capacity to 60 people

    Plumbing issues cause cancellation of O2 Academy gig

    Rock band Don Bronco told fans: "a lot of you are currently standing in human faeces."

    From Cellar to worldwide fame – an interview with Objekt

    TJ Hertz on small venues, diversity in techno and track ID culture.

    Bully takes on ticket touts

    IDs will now be matched with the names on purchased tickets

    Queer spaces can benefit from the presence of allies

    With Queerfest on the horizon, Naomi Packer considers the presence of straight people within queer spaces

    Wahoo to be turned into University’s ‘Entrepreneurial Hub’

    Former nightclub will become “entrepreneurial eco-system” run by the Said Business School

    Oxford can’t afford to lose clubs like Cellar

    The planned closure of Cellar is a warning sign of our city's creeping gentrification

    Lola Lo’s closes down and is replaced by new retro bar

    Without a final farewell, Lola Lo's has shut its doors for the last time