Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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A photo of the famous sofa inside Central Perk coffee shop from the 'Friends' sitcom

Could the Friends Reunion BE any more nostalgic?

It's fair to say the Friends Reunion was a mixed bag. The best? A heavy hit of nostalgia from seeing the cast reunited. The...

The Map to Happiness: Shrek and Saudade

It’s a word that describes the sudden pang you get for home when you’re on holiday or the wistful feeling of flicking through old childhood photos. It’s about the joy of reminiscing, but also the bittersweet recognition that these moments don’t last.


'snippets of shared secrets, tied to a half forgotten memory'

Instead Of

"I won't have to close my eyes to remember your smile."


"Raised in the endless, relentless summer of tropical living, snapshots of summer swamp my memories of childhood – beachside days, aching sunburns, blond locks tainted unflatteringly green by chlorinated pools."

Imperfect Nostalgia, Imagined Perfection

As a small child, it didn’t occur to me that the porcelain Mao Zedong bust in my grandparents’ living room was, to put it...

Cinema: The venue transcending the visual

Maybe if I had known, I’d have stopped to take a picture. I’d have kept that ticket. Maybe if I'd known, I would have...

Mastering the group-watch with cheap horror flicks

The credits start to roll once the house is completely overwhelmed by fire. The monster is somewhere inside, and it’s already been defeated. This...

Nostalgia: it isn’t what it used to be

I remember a time when I took for granted that I could eat at restaurants, lay around in the park, and visit my family. Weeks...

A Rediscovery of Michael Morpurgo

Oxford has made me used to reading huge, obscure academic texts. There is, it has to be admitted, something exciting about creeping down to...