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    Behind the scenes: fashion and photography in Oxford

    "A group as sartorially orientated as one named ‘The Oxford Fashion Society’ inevitably attracts those who care about what they wear. Fastidiously dressed, upright, serious-faced characters come in and sit down quickly. Tote bags are removed from shoulders. Sauntering in alongside, generally attired with less panache, are members of the photography society."

    Titian behind closed doors: the ethics of an erotic gaze.

    “Anybody who loves painting loves Titian.” With these bold words and the familiar, if rather flat, echo of Einaudi’s piano, the BBC streamed, digital...

    Review: Matisse Devenir

    Tucked away in the France’s Département Nord, the Musée Matisse might seem rather at odds with its provincial surroundings.

    The walls that stare – what college portraits tell us about Oxford

    They say a picture paints a thousand words. So what do the thousands of portraits hanging around Oxford colleges tell us about the University, and the...

    Making bad art

    Oxford art students discover making bad portraits isn't as easy as it looks.

    Rusbridger fails in bid to keep painting of murdered model at LMH

    The LMH principal only managed to raise £80 of the £6500 it sold for at auction today

    The strange death of Constable’s rural idyll

    Daniel Villar explores how the English countryside has changed since John Constable painted The Cornfield

    Walking the pilgrim’s way

    Looking back at his exhibition 'We will meet', Alvin Ong tells Sophie Jordan of his walks along the thin line between memory and fiction

    Home is where the art is—Doug Eaton and The Forest of Dean

    Ewan Davis finds Doug Eaton’s unlikely colour palettes faithful to the landscape of the Forest of Dean

    Nativity in art: El Greco, La Tour and Spitzweg

    Ewan Davis explores the depiction of the Nativity in 16th, 17th and 19th century art

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