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Irving Penn: His Life and Legacy

Such was his modern and innovative approach to the craft that it’s easy to forget that many of Irving Penn’s world-famous Vogue cover photographs...

Kiss My Genders – Celebrating identity with the Hayward Gallery

The Hayward Gallery's huge curation 'Kiss my Genders' attempts to unite over thirty artists from the LGBTQ+ community in a celebration of gender identity and fluidity. Charlotte Hall gathers her impressions of the exhibitions - how effective is it at breaking down stereotypes and prejudice?

‘Was it written by aliens, or is it about vampires?’: A...

"Often important texts appear in humble form, and humble forms often tell us more about the humble people who made and used them." Daniel Wakelin talks to Cherwell about medieval manuscripts.

Taboo: the work and legacy of Nobuyoshi Araki

Hannah Healey investigates the controversial work of Nobuyoshi Araki

On summer style: what we did on our holiday

A different way of approaching freedom in fashion

Just Kids

Cherwell Fashion takes a more laid back approach to style.

Transforming light into flesh

Netflix's new series of The Crown entrances with nuanced links between love and photography

Readers’ Photo Competition: deadline approaching!

Final call! Send your best portrait shots to by Wed 15 Feb for a chance to see your work in print!

Brazilian vis-à-vis

From the beaches of Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, the megalopolis of São Paulo to Maceio, these photos illustrate the diversity of environments and people that can be found in Brazil
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