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Arrogant, Offensive, Truth Twisters: The Catastrophic Failings of British Policing

Yet I urge you to pause and reflect on the events just described: at what point, if at all, did the police ‘serve and protect?.’

The limits of liberté: France’s ‘global security law’

At the end of November, returning to the UK on my way back from the first part of my year abroad, I passed through...

Opinion – Why the use of police horses needs to stop

Vera Nibbs’ 104th birthday was charmingly marked by a special visit from mounted officers. She was allegedly thrilled by Norfolk’s placid and beautiful police...

Opinion – The Tautology Of Police Brutality: What Is Really At Stake

There is a lot of noise surrounding the unlawful murder of George Floyd and the murders of countless George Floyds, Ahmaud Arberys, and Breonna...

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