Monday, May 16, 2022
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Ed Miliband: “I’m not going anywhere”

Former Labour leader reveals plans to stay in Commons at Nuffield event

US Defence Secretary visits Oxford

US Defence Secretary Ash Carter speaks at Blavatnik and is disappointed not to go to back to the Lamb and Flag

On partiality in journalism

Alex Oscroft calls for the freedom of independent journalistic expression within the mainstream media

Tuition fee rise accompanies fall in state school students going to...

State school entrants experience "a flattening of rates" while independent school numbers remain high

Oxford stands silent in memory of Jo Cox MP

"Jo loved love. Her politics were inspired by love".

Nikolay Koshikov takes Hilary 2017 presidency in Union elections

Nikolay Koshikov is the new Union President-elect of the Oxford Union, following the results of elections held on Friday 10th June. In a clean sweep...

Jeremy Corbyn: weak leadership and a middle-class fantasy

Toby Williams proposes that left-wing politics, both in Oxford and nationally, is drifting from pragmatic electability to idealist fantasy

If OUSU wants to be taken seriously, it should let us...

Stopping Cherwell from filming in Council is closing the door on student politics

Profile: Michael Møller

Daniel Kodsi talks to the Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva about the future of the United Nations