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Russian Ambassador returns to Oxford

The Russian Ambassador to the UK, Andrey Kelin, addressed the Oxford Majlis Society at the Randolph Hotel on 29 November. His talk covered the...

Over 1000 people protest for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Around 1200 people gathered this Saturday to protest against Israel’s bombing in Gaza and demand an immediate ceasefire in response to the current humanitarian...

JSoc condemns Intifada chants at student protests

The Oxford University Jewish Society (JSoc) released a statement condemning “anti-Semitic incitements to violence” used by students during recent protests. In particular, the student...

Oxfordshire County Council votes for LTNs despite vocal opposition

Oxfordshire County Council voted last Tuesday to make the East Oxford Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) permanent. According to the Council’s report, this includes three LTNs...

Over 300 protest in support of Palestine

More than 300 people gathered on Cornmarket Street to protest in support of Palestine today, eventually ending the demonstration at Manzil Way. The protesters...

Mixed feelings from students after Just Stop Oil vandalise RadCam

In an act of protest against the University’s continued connections to the fossil fuels industry, Just Stop Oil (JSO) vandalised the Radcliffe Camera shortly...

Protests at the Students for Life Freshers’ Fair stall include two SU sabbatical officers

CW: abortion The ‘pro-life’ Students for Life society has once again been the cause for protests at the Student Union Freshers’ Fair. One protestor held...

Just Stop Oil protesters march through Oxford

Supporters of environmental activist group Just Stop Oil held a ‘go slow’ march in Oxford yesterday afternoon, blocking traffic in the city centre. The march...

Oxford, the 15-Minute City, and the Birth of a Lie

"It was impossible to miss the commotion of February 18th."

Hundreds demonstrate in support of Iran’s Reza Pahlavi at Oxford Union

Hundreds demonstrated in support of Iran's exiled Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi as he spoke today at the Oxford Union.

Oxford joins campaign against reopening of “cruel and harmful” Campsfield detention centre

Following a motion passed by Student Council in its 1st Week meeting this term, the Oxford SU has joined the Coalition to Keep Campsfield...

“Freedom will be achieved by women”: Oxford Iranian students on protests of Islamic Republic

Students in Iran are in an existential fight for freedom. At academic institutions such as Sharif University of Technology and Khajeh-Nasir Toosi University of...

Oxford shows solidarity in Iran demonstration

“Say her name!” the crowd chanted, “Mahsa. Zhina. Amini!” More and more people gathered to hear and ask questions about the issue and the protesters were more than happy to answer their questions and tell their stories.

Large protest in Oxford as Russia invades Ukraine

As the news broke that Russian forces are invading Ukraine, students, academics and members of the Ukrainian community in Oxford gathered on the Radcliffe square to protest the war and show solidarity with Ukraine.

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