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Protest marks one year since murder of George Floyd and calls for removal of Rhodes statue

"The protest marked the one year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd and criticised Oriel College’s decision not to take down the High Street Statue of imperialist Cecil Rhodes."

All Souls College change Codrington Library name, but keep statue of slaveholder

All Souls College's Governing Body has announced that they will no longer call their college library ‘the Codrington Library’, acknowledging that plantations worked by...

Rhodes Must Fall Oxford demands statue falls in 2020

Rhodes Must Fall Oxford continues to campaign against the statue of Cecil Rhodes, demanding a definite removal in 2020, following Oriel College’s announcement that...

“Your English is so Good!” and Other Racist Microaggressions

TW: Racism Upon descending at Oxford railway station with my dad at the start of Freshers’ Week and waiting almost fifteen minutes in the queue...

80,000 sign petition and Oxford City Council call for Rhodes removal

A petition demanding the removal of a statue of Cecil Rhodes on an Oriel College building on the High Street has hit 80,000 signatures...

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