Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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    Protesters rally for decolonisation outside Rad Cam

    Rhodes Must Fall, Common Ground and other campaign representatives demand Oxford commits to "a long-term project of decolonisation at all levels"

    Decolonising history, or obscuring reality?

    Efforts to decolonise Oxford's past can draw a fictitious veil over history

    Rhodes Must Fall hits back at new Oxford global history course

    The campaign group have derided reports of a new non-European history paper, attacking the University’s continued “narrow and Eurocentric worldview”

    Rhodes Must Fall join campaign for student to continue studies

    Oxford student groups, including Rhodes Must Fall (RMF) and the Oxford University Africa Soceity (OUAS), have gathered in support of a campaign to crowdfund...

    Oxford college warns students about black “intruder” who was staying in...

    Harris Manchester College emailed students and staff with a CCTV image of prominent Rhodes Must Fall Campaigner

    ‘Rhodes Must Fall’ campaigners become Rhodes scholars

    Two Cape Town University campaigners have been awarded Rhodes scholarships at Oxford

    Rhodes Must Fall return to protest outside Oriel

    Campaigners demand that Oriel "name their price” a year after they launched their sixth-month listening exercise

    Profile: Randall Kennedy

    Daniel Kodsi talks to Harvard Law School professor Randall Kennedy about racial optimism, solidarity, and justice

    Rhodes Must Fall campaigners demonstrate outside Oriel open day

    Two prominent RMF figures stood shirtless outside Oriel College to protest in front of potential Orielenses

    Rhodes Trust expands global reach and access

    Rhodes Trust to expand globally, as well as form new partnerships