Friday, February 26, 2021
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    US and Russian space agencies to work on new moon-orbiting space...

    The agreement demonstrates NASA's belief that the key to future space exploration is co-operation

    Coriolanus at the RSC review – ‘brutally minimalist but utterly compelling’

    RSC's ultra-modern production of 'Coriolanus' balances humour with minimalist staging for a fresh new interpretation of one of Shakespeare's lesser performed plays, writes Miranda Gleaves

    Oxford scientists express anger at death of Cecil the Lion’s son

    Oxford scientists had been monitoring six year old Xanda before he was shot and killed by hunters in Zimbabwe

    The rise of nuclear weapons

    Irteza Ishraq outlines the ascent of nuclear physics from the lab to the battlefield

    Fire crews called to acid leak at Engineering Department

    Four staff were treated on site after 46 batteries overheated and leaked sulphuric acid

    The science books that every non-scientist should read

    Rosalie Wells lists the best science and medicine books to read this summer

    CRISPR-Cas9 to the rescue

    By editing our genomes the technology derived from bacteria is primed to cut cancer and hammer HIV, says Dan Simonsen

    How do antidepressants affect our brains?

    Olivia Murray details how a combination of factors form the modern antidepressant

    Week in Science: Fourth Week

    Cherwell's Science and Tech editors guide you through interesting talks around the city and university this week

    Royal Society recognition for University academics

    Six Oxford researchers have been awarded prestigious fellowships in recognition of their groundbreaking work