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In Conversation with George Robinson

Series three of Sex Education cannot come soon enough. The hit show had over forty million households tune in to its first season, and I...

In Conversation with Hannah Witton

Hannah Witton's Zoom background puts the rest of us to shame. She is sat in an armchair with a tidy but colourful bookcase to...

Eagerly Anticipating: Sex Education Series 3

"I am desperately hoping Sex Education returns as planned in January – we don’t need any more bad news this year."

Staying sex-positive during a global pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic, of which the far-reaching consequences will not be fully appreciated for many years, has seen a short-term shift from young people...

Restrict, Regulate or Educate? Young People and Online Porn

Mia Sorenti explores the complexities regarding young people and exposure to online pornography. It is likely the majority of us have come into contact with...

Sex Education review: exuberantly explicit

It refuses to conform to the tiring tradition of sugar-coating anything that sits outside the realm of the PG-13

Our prudish British culture means the death of good sex

The UK’s approach to sex education is dated and dangerous


Eleanor Birdsall-Smith and Megan Husain explore how clubbing attire for women is increasingly becoming sexier and more revealing

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