Monday, October 25, 2021
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Oxford launches study to understand sexual harassment and violence at the...

Every student currently enrolled at the University will receive a confidential and anonymous survey and consent form on May 11th. The results will be used to "build academic understanding" of sexual harassment and violence at the University, and inform their policies and support services in the future.
Image for the women's sport society

University sport captains and presidents urged to commit to taking action...

The letter wishes to take strong action against forms of sexual violence and discrimination and outlines its pledges to “facilitate a discussion on sexism, racism and other forms of discrimination among our community”.

Oxford It Happens Here launches “Letters from Survivors”

CW: Sexual Violence Oxford’s It Happens Here Student Union campaign, which raises awareness about sexual harassment and violence in Oxford University, launched a new platform...

Sexual harassment: Additional measures adopted by University

Oxford University has outlined several additional measures it will take to tackle student harassment and violence, it was announced on Monday. New measures to...

Oxford launch new sexual harassment and violence service

Students will now have free access to trained specialist advisors