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Breakdown: Oxford’s 2019 access report in full

White applicants over 40% more likely to received an offer than BME applicants

Time to emulate Eton?

Abolish: Education secretary Damien Hinds has said he wishes to call time on the phrase ‘public school confidence’, mainly...

How Oxford culture is dominated by the most privileged

The issue is not a simple matter of discrimination but long term deficiencies in cultural upbringing in less privileged students

Revealed: how a private school elite still dominates Oxford’s student life

Most JCR presidents and Oxford Union officials attended fee paying schools, Cherwell investigation finds

Oxford’s ethnic minority graduates have higher starting salaries, new study finds

Research finds that ethnic-minority Oxford graduates earn more than their white classmates and that social background doesn't impact Oxford graduate career prospects

Does Oxford create a class of its own?

Eimer McAuley discusses class at Oxford and debunks the myth that we are all the same when we graduate

Oxford accepts fewer state school pupils than five years ago

Data released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency reveals that state school pupils were less likely to be accepted into Oxford University in 2015 than they were five years ago

What new admissions data actually means for access

Charles McGrath, Pembroke Access Officer, argues that Oxford must do more if it is to stop failing disadvantaged students
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