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    Reclaiming Taylor Swift’s Songwriting Genius

    On Tuesday 25th of January 2022, Blur and Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn woke up and chose violence – or at the very least, a...

    On Misunderstanding Taylor Swift

    "When she does reach pop music, she exerts an extreme amount of control and mastery over commonly used sonic structures. ‘Blank Space’ parodies both the narratives surrounding her and general pop structures. This is done by the marking out of the chorus and the excessive use of four chords that are commonly used throughout music. The basic structure of a song is tripartite: setup, build-up, and climax, often corresponding to the sections verse-chorus, verse-chorus, bridge-chorus.‘Shake It Off’, as basic as it may seem, is one of the most complex songs on the album ‘1989’. This is because each sub-setup, build-up, and climax have their own setup, build-up, and climax. We praise Homer for his ability to expand on his basic structural frameworks: to appreciate the artistry of the compositions, we should look at Taylor’s songs in the same way."

    The Folk Music Revival Must Go On!

    "There has been a surge in folk music’s popularity since artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Taylor Swift released albums devoted to the much-loved genre. They have proven that, while folk music is forever attached to its past, it is not incompatible with the now."

    Bodleian Bangers: Dame Helen Ghosh

    "If you asked me “what am I proud of?”. I did Couch to 5k. Okay, so going with that for a running song I would say Tears for Fears “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” (1985). Definitely one of my pandemic songs."

    Review: Taylor Swift’s ‘evermore’

    ‘In the disbelief I can’t face reinvention. I haven’t met the new me yet.’ So sings Taylor Swift in her ninth and most recent...

    Review: Taylor Swift’s ‘Folklore’

    Usually, Taylor Swift begins a new album cycle with a blank slate. Instagram is cleared of any record of previous ‘eras’. Easter eggs are laid out...

    Review: Taylor Swift’s ‘Miss Americana’

    Taylor Swift’s last album, Reputation, was an unapologetically  aggressive response to the ‘drama’ that she had endured during nearly a decade in the...

    Review: Lover by Taylor Swift

    Jess Curry looks at why Taylor Swift's latest record represents a strong return to form

    “Lil Thot”: How female empowerment and music intersect

    One of the first lessons we are taught as children is that to gain respect, we must first earn it. Yet for women in...

    Does Taylor need to calm down?

    An exploration of Taylor Swift, and the role that musicians should have in politics

    “Look what you made me do”: Taylor Swift’s reinvention

    The reinvention of her ‘reputation’ is not a change of character nor a sudden shift in her attitude to the spotlight. The Reputation era was simply a rebranding of sound, lyricism, production and image which worked to provoke her audience and, ironically, sustain her reputation.

    The infamous melodramatics of Kanye West: Ye or nay?

    Kanye has had a career riddled with dramatic events – what has this done to his legacy?

    We must care about the Taylor Swift case

    Naomi Packer argues that Taylor Swift's recent lawsuit is a timely reminder of the power one woman can have in standing up against harassment

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