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Tinder Troubles: A cautionary tale of a match gone awry

Ronan* was sitting cross-legged on the pavement outside the pub, engrossed by his Kindle. As a first-time Tinder user standing anxiously at what I imagined to be the vanguard of online dating, I had been naively endeared by his suggestion that we skip the virtual small talk and just get to know each other in person. He stood up to greet me. “Ah, that was a lovely hug.” It dawned on me that this may have been a mistake. 

You’re Breaking Up!

my experience of dating during ‘Doomsday’ has been pretty much just as embarrassing, agonising, uncomfortable and fun as it was before the pandemic.

Lockdown dating: a guide

Your ex is messaging you, that one-night stand from Bridge is in your Insta DMs and you are struggling not to write an Oxlove...

Love, actually: dating in 2020

I can’t lie, when I heard the news that we’d probably all be holed up in our rooms for the next few months, without...

Tinder? I hardly know her

2:30AM. You’ve left Bridge before closing. Some reptilian part of your VK-addled brain sparks up and before you know it, you’re in bed swiping left on...

Lady Pat. R. Honising: Tinderella

Dear Lady P, My moment has finally arrived - after months and months of having tinder “just for a laugh”, the day has come where...

Oxlove or Oxhate – The Tinder Edition

We've all been there. Fresh out a break-up, nothing to do on a Friday night, or simply just a bit bored. It's easy to...

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