Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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    New College JCR debates gender-neutral bathrooms

    An amended motion is expected to be brought to the JCR today.

    Oxford gears up for Pride Festival

    “While the Queer movement has accomplished so much, there is so much left to be done."

    NUS Trans and International officers axed amidst bankruptcy cutbacks

    NUS has also been forced to let half of its staff go and sell its London headquarters

    Uni has ‘systematically failed to listen’ to trans students

    The report found that 65% of transgender students believed the University had a “negative” or “very negative” effect on their mental health

    SU welcomes students responding to Gender Recognition Act consultation

    The SU also made its own submission to the consultation incorporating contributions from members

    Wadham SU will fund students’ travel to Gender Identity clinics

    The SU will be providing £150 per term for students to travel to Gender Identity Clinics

    Quarter of JCRs have transgender rep

    Queen’s College is the latest college to introduce the position

    ‘Dirty protest’ against Somerville’s newly gender-neutral toilets

    An email from Somerville's JCR president requested that the perpetrator "refrain from being a barbaric idiot"

    OUSU pronoun policy story revealed to be fake

    The Sunday Times yesterday claimed that Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) had released a leaflet that “told” students to use ‘ze’ as a gender...