Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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    Mertonian U-Turn: college changes its policy on trans intersectionality

    Merton college has made a substantial U-Turn on its policy surrounding an upcoming discussion of “Perspectives on trans intersectionality”. On Wednesday, the College withdrew...

    My existence is not your next punchline

    Comedians have the power to shape how we think

    Regent’s introduces fund for trans students

    The college will reimburse transgender students for binders, packing underwear, bras, breast inserts, and gaffes

    Somerville u-turns on gender neutral toilets

    The proposal was rejected last term, but on Sunday almost 80 percent voted in favour.

    Tabloids must stop using children as a bastion for bigotry

    In light of the response to the Church of England's report on the protection of transgender children, Naomi Packer considers how the media uses children to further their views

    University changes safety rules after “tragic” cyanide death of transgender researcher

    The University is modifying "already robust" processes after an inquest into the death of a researcher in January