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The centre cannot hold – What is the Republican Party?

And it looks as though there will be a next time. I think Trump will run, and if/when he does, he will almost certainly be the Republican nominee; frankly he will be quasi-coronated.

The 2022 Midterms: An oversimplified guide to why Democrats are (probably) screwed

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an American politician in possession of a House or Senate seat must be perpetually engaged in campaigning....

How conservatives are weaponising feminism to bring down Roe v Wade

Fitch’s argument is that because of feminism, women are now fully able to pursue both motherhood and a career, eliminating the need for abortion. To support her argument, she draws on her own experience as a (white, upper middle class) single mother. 

Nationalisation of power towards net zero?

Earlier this month, US Congressional representatives Cori Bush and Jamaal Bowman introduced a congressional resolution1 calling for the transformation of the United States’ largely...

Twelve Oxford University alumni fill roles in Biden administration

Out of 25 members of the President's cabinet, three are Oxford alumni and Rhodes scholars. A further nine hold non-cabinet leadership positions, such as White House staff.

The US Supreme Court: a broken cycle

"The court holds immense power, and politics is the operation of power - of course it would be political."

The Chosen One Turns Chooser: Joe Biden’s Running Mate Dilemma

In 1961, the charismatic John Fitzgerald Kennedy offered the vice-presidential nod to Senate Majority Leader and career establishment figure, Lyndon Johnson. They had no real personal...

Opinion- The Problem With Liberty

As the spectacle that is the Trump-era rolls on, it is increasingly hard to imagine that the United States was once regarded, with both...

US Defence Secretary visits Oxford

US Defence Secretary Ash Carter speaks at Blavatnik and is disappointed not to go to back to the Lamb and Flag

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