Monday, May 16, 2022
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Unaddressed servers: Is online gaming gaming you?

If you’ve ever been one to get back from school on a weekday, switch on the PlayStation or Xbox to talk to your friends...

Nostalgia: it isn’t what it used to be

I remember a time when I took for granted that I could eat at restaurants, lay around in the park, and visit my family. Weeks...

A Personal Defence of Videogames

There is perhaps one valid reason why throughout 2019, every newspaper outlet has enjoyed running stories about the damaging nature of videogames. They claim...

Call of Masculinity

After working on a Channel 4 documentary on masculinity, William Atkinson reflects on the role of culture in the formation of male identity - and whether it has a role to play in recent atrocities in the US.

Video games: Design/Play/Disrupt

From the mid-2000s to now, video games have slowly revolutionised the ways in which we communicate within society. Our lives are enmeshed by them....

Choose wisely, it’s in your hands

Alice Robinson explores the phenomena of multiple endings

The revolution will be live-streamed

Daniel Curtis explores the narrative merits of video games