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    Seasonal Depression: otherwise known as the Michaelmas Blues

    "This time of year can be difficult for some, and while this is not a new discovery, it is more important now than ever to look after yourselves and look out for your friends."

    Alpaca-lypse: Oxford’s favourite animal hates human touch

    If you search “Do alpacas like to be petted?” on Google, you will find a near consensus among alpaca farmers that alpacas in fact do not like to be petted or hugged, especially by strangers.

    St Catz college dog gives birth to puppies

    St Catherine’s college dog, who is aptly named Catherine, has just given birth to four puppies. Catherine, a cocker spaniel, “really hit it off” with...

    Oxford’s Failure with Eating Disorders

    CW: Detailed descriptions of eating disorders. "At Oxford we socialise through college formals, balls, crew dates, welfare teas and so much more. For those of us who have a history of disordered eating, this can prove pretty anxiety-inducing. Not to mention, with the highly anticipated June 21st rapidly approaching and the social eating that will come with this, the pressure to get the perfect body is more extreme than ever." Jaya Rana discusses the inefficiency of Oxford's support system for students with eating disorders

    Is this the end of the gig economy?

    "In European countries, the rising popularity of apps such as Uber, Uber-eats and Deliveroo has put a strain on welfare states; in recent years, there has been an expanding number of workers who are dependents of a company, without receiving the social security that comes with such dependence." Johannes Moehrle argues for the improvement of workers' rights in the gig economy.

    Oxford University releases welfare and support figures

    CW: Mental health, rape, sexual assault The University of Oxford has published its statistics for Student Welfare and Support Services in the 2018-19 academic year.  The report shows...

    Good Vibrations: Hertford and Merton raffle sex toy vouchers for charity

    Hertford and Merton JCRs are raising funds for charity by organising raffles in which the prizes included £20 vouchers for Lovehoney. At Hertford, Rory Saitch...

    Big White Wall to give students 24/7 mental health support

    Oxford University has signed up to Big White Wall, an online community offering 24/7 mental health support for issues such as exam stress, depression,...

    Concerns over Teddy Hall welfare changes

    Concerns have been raised that a recently proposed motion in St. Edmund Hall could make it more difficult to run initiatives such as subsidising...

    Trinity’s Welfare Turmoil

    Trinity's attempt to tackle systemic welfare concerns have been met with complaints.

    Wadham SU will fund students’ travel to Gender Identity clinics

    The SU will be providing £150 per term for students to travel to Gender Identity Clinics

    Quarter of JCRs have transgender rep

    Queen’s College is the latest college to introduce the position

    Mental health support is a question of priorities

    The press may scrutinise college endowments, but all of them have the resources to improve their provisions, says Fin Kavanagh

    Uni welcomes calls for ‘urgent action’ on mental health services

    Oxford has welcomed a Universities UK (UUK) report calling for “urgent action” to improve the coordination of universities and the NHS in regards to...

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