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    Irmgard Keun’s normal superwomen

    Lori Latour reviews the life and work of the 20th century German novelist Irmgard Keun.

    It’s Oxford who celebrate: Men win while women draw in rugby Varsity Matches

    "Oxford's Callum Grant popped a ball to Luke Wyllie, sprinting underneath the posts to put Oxford ahead."

    The political power of gender expression: Lessons from female dictators

    "Current female MPs are expected to act as female politicians, not just as politicians. This pressure is incredibly unfair."

    Women’s Street Watch: Finding strength in solidarity

    "While it is saddening that their work is necessary, Women’s Street Watch has become a way for women to seize control against a tide of news that they often feel they are helplessly swimming against."

    Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative finds gender disparities in access to education within poor households

    Completed by the United Nations Development Program and the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), the study found that one in six of the world’s poor live in households where no woman or girl has completed six years of education but at least one man or boy has.

    Feminist or Anti-feminist: Responses to Promising Young Woman

    CW: sexual assault and rape, suicide “Every week, I go to a club, and every week, I act like I’m too drunk to stand. And...

    The Eco-Gender Gap

    "This is creating a self-perpetuating cycle of eco-friendly products being targeted more towards women, thus eco-friendly branding becoming more feminised. The backlash of this is that more environmentally damaging branding is targeted at men". Annie Liddell writes about the gender disparity when it comes to fighting against environmental decline.

    ‘Buying Myself Back’: Emily Ratajkowski and the Male Gaze

    "When the feeling of self-consciousness and visibility is synonymous with experiences as a woman, this opens the door not only to doubting your own credibility, but to allow others to also doubt it for you."

    PPE: Where are all the women?

    Fewer women than men named Greg are speaking at Oxford PPE Society events this term. Their termcard, released a couple of weeks ago, included thirteen...

    A centenary of full University membership for women at Oxford

    Oxford has launched a campaign to recognise the centenary anniversary of women at the University. On the 7th of October 1920, Oxford began giving...

    The Fashion of Villanelle

    "Gone is the femme fatale spy-assassin we have been accustomed to seeing."

    The Kitchen as a Political Space

    Men tend to ‘enter into’ the kitchen whereas women are understood to be already there.

    International Women’s Festival begins in Oxford

    The 31st International Women’s Festival in Oxford began this term and will involve two weeks of events on the theme of “threads of Liberation.”...

    New Women’s History professorship named after Hillary Clinton

    The University of Oxford is to create a new Chair of Women’s History, named after former US Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton. The University plans...

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