Monday, March 8, 2021
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    Revisiting ‘All The King’s Men’ in the Post-Trumpian Era

    Much like the 1920s and 30s, we live in a period of great change when all previously-held cultural norms and precedents seem to be shifting under our feet. All the King’s Men speaks to this time of turmoil, questioning how the individual responds to that, whether they challenge it or become corrupted by it.'

    Why 2020 Should Not Be Forgotten

    Many want a Men in Black-style mind wipe that will erase the past year from our collective memory, only to be recalled 50 years down the line when a funky new virus dredges up the memories from the bottom of the dustbin. This, I think, is a mistake.

    Best Reads of 2020

    Hamnet — Maggie O’Farrell The subtle majesty of Hamnet, Maggie O’Farrell’s eighth novel,would have been welcome in any year, but it was a particular blessing...

    Four Panels and a Pen

    "Find us together: tiptoeing across the fanning pages of a calendar."

    Cherwell’s best films of 2020

    Our film team have put together a list of the years best, from the stylish and disorientating, Waves, to Charlie Kaufman's mind-bending masterpiece, I'm Thinking of Ending Things, and the slow-burning romance of A Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

    Cherwell’s end of year music recommendations

    It's been a testing year, but the music hasn't stopped. From impressive debuts to lockdown albums from well-established favourites, 2020 has seen its fair...

    Review: Midnight Sun

    "Even as a firm member of Team Edward, 756 pages of Edward tormenting himself over a girl is fundamentally tedious."
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    Cherwell’s albums of the year so far

    Ten albums that we've judged to be among the best of this weird, weird year so far

    Opinion | Introducing the Candidates: A Primer for 2020

    It’s that time again. With impeachment quashed and a bombastic State of the Union Address out the way, it’s full steam ahead towards November’s...

    Confusion and Chaos: The 2020 US Presidential Election Kicks Off

    Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg set to top delegate counts amidst frustrating counting and technical issues As of three days after the Iowa caucus, the full results still...