Friday, January 22, 2021
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    Little Giveaways

    "Jazz was being played over the stereo like theme music, as if they were acting in a television drama where each character had some essential trait, some crucial role."

    You’ll See Him

    "Rain cracks its whip Against the windows. The wielder: autumn. From the cottage in the cleft of the foothills You can see a flickering light, just out of sight And it stains the blackest night."

    A Vision of Autumn

    "It was uncommonly sultry and dark when I arrived at the Winchester water meadows. The scene was a near stereotype, and it reminded me of those decrepit - far too embellished - landscapes you see in many royal palaces."

    Atmospheric autumn reads: ‘Cemetery Boys’

    "The novel shows us a utopian vision in which our ghosts can be cathartically released, in which rebirth and renewal is possible."

    Autumn Goodness: Chickpea Minestrone

    It may be flavour-packed but it only requires one pan, and shockingly few fresh ingredients, making it the ultimate student kitchen fare: cheap, delicious, simple, and nutritious!

    On the relation between Autumn and Spring

    The days of Spring are Autumn’s accoladeFor that it can enjoy them, unadornedWith the cloak of sparrows or with the skirt of maize,Preserving each...

    An Afternoon in Late Autumn

    And I was all the warmth and life on earth.

    There’s No Place Like Home

    There was a time when it was essential, if you were an Oxford man, to own an oxford cloth button down shirt and leather brogues....

    Autumn by Ali Smith: a seasonal portrait of post-Brexit Britain

    The first book in Smith's ongoing quartet reminds us that sympathy is possible in our polarised times

    Transition wardrobes are a SCAM

    Is a week of autumn weather really an excuse to invest in a whole new wardrobe?