Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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    Racist or Unfortunate, Johnson’s Language is Harmful

    Timea Iliffe contends that regardless of whether the Prime Minister's language can be called racist or unfortunate, it is nonetheless harmful to those it targets.

    This House Believes… This Government Has Been A Disaster

    Proposition - Eleanor Ruxton, Keble College The last election was, for many, the political equivalent of being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Those...

    Beyond the Bullingdon: A closer look into Oxford’s Secret Societies

    Cherwell dives deep into Oxford's clandestine world: Tutors, Tories, bankrolling alumni, and dinosaurs are only the beginning of the world behind doors.

    The Rise of Scruffy Politics

    On the night of the 2016 US Presidential election, a group of my friends gathered to watch the event. At our little party, the...

    Opinion – Authentically Insincere: the conflict between sincerity and authenticity in...

    After nine years of Tory rule, voters have looked at our country and said ‘yeah, this is good, more of the same.’ How did this...

    Opinion – For the Many, Not the Few

    Unsurprisingly, a Tory Prime Minister said it best. We’ve heard a lot from Boris Johnson in the last few weeks and months about 'one-nation...

    Balliol students condemn alumnus Johnson’s behaviour

    Students from Balliol College will send an open letter to Boris Johnson, condemning, and distancing the College from, his “racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and unlawful...

    Dominic Cummings: The genius in Number 10?

    The ‘erratic genius’ label Cummings has acquired has helped to explain away many eccentric, and sometimes outright poor, decisions.

    A Very British Coup

    ‘It’s a drama fit for the stage, not for Parliament, and it looks like something out of another century.’

    Balliol students launch petition to bar PM from college premises

    The petition, which has received 150 signatures, accuses the PM of "seriously undermining democracy", and also calls for a ban on the college displaying images of the former student.