Thursday, February 25, 2021
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    One Thing the Trump administration got right: U.S. foreign policy on...

    In a rare display of bi-partisan agreement, Biden's nomination for Secretary of State has said he agrees with his predecessors conclusions on the Xinxiang atrocities. And atrocities they are.

    Washington’s two Cold Wars

    "Without the shackles of Pompeo’s convictions, the leader of the free world treats China as a corporate rival rather than an ideological nemesis."

    Money talks: China’s approach to international relations

    "The undertone to Liu Xiaoming’s interview seemed to be 'turn a blind eye to our domestic affairs and focus on the economic benefit which we can bring to you'."

    Hong Kong National Security Law: Safeguard or Subversion?

    "Any legal grounds in defence of the National Security Law are uprooted by the breaches in fundamental principles that have long governed life in Hong Kong, by the laws of China where justice and fairness are near non-existent."

    Imperfect Nostalgia, Imagined Perfection

    As a small child, it didn’t occur to me that the porcelain Mao Zedong bust in my grandparents’ living room was, to put it...

    How Life in Lockdown is Preparing us for Smart Cities

    Empty London buses follow the usual circuits on clear roads, like Scalextric cars. Churches take to streaming Sunday service. Students, uncertain about their foreseeable...

    Activism and Luxury Fashion in Hong Kong

    Louis Vuitton is the most recent in a string of luxury fashion brands to close down branches in Hong Kong. The store in question was located...

    Cai Quo-Qiang: Gunpowder Art

    It’s hard not to get fomo when watching the videos of the viewers jumping back from the vivid bursts of fire, smoke and colour as Cai joyfully watches on like a child with a big box of fireworks. However, one piece in particular made me rethink how displaying Cai’s practice in an exhibition space offers what the explosive performance can’t.

    Huawei boss alleges Oxford faced “interference” in decision to cut ties

    The University decided to suspend ties on the 8th of January, the same day that Chancellor Patten asked the government for advice on University policy towards the firm.

    Oxford bans donations from Chinese tech giant

    Oxford suspended Huawei donations shortly after China was criticised as 'autocratic' by Chancellor Patten