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An organist’s view on a crisis in church music

Over the last ten years of my life, I’ve been fortunate enough to work in the music department of a small parish church in...

St Hilda’s abolishes chapel in favour of multi-faith space

St Hilda’s College will abolish its chapel from next year, replacing the space with a multi-faith room. The announcement makes St Hilda’s...

Music and Christianity: What’s it all about?

What is the role of music in Christian worship, and does it still matter in the 21st century?

Vigil for Sri Lanka held at University Church

About forty people, including members of the University’s Sri Lankan Society, attended the Candlelit Vigil at St Mary’s on Sunday.

Nuns n’ Rosaries

The highs and lows of growing up Catholic.

Rees Mogg is wrong, religion has no place in politics

Rosie Duthie argues that politicians should be wary of letting their religious leanings impact their politics

One thing I’d change about Oxford… Religion

Cat Bean wishes that Oxford's theological history was more inclusive