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India: why are COVID cases rising?

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently exploding in India at a horrifying rate. Records are being broken with each day that passes – over 300,000...

Let Normal Programming Resume: Coronavirus Passports Won’t Solve Anything

"I personally am not too fussed about personal liberties. Let’s face it, I didn’t do much with my liberties when I had them. But after a year inside I have started to care more about them. I do not think that it is too much to ask to have a meal in a restaurant without having to present credentials." Charlie Aslet investigates the efficiency of coronavirus vaccine passports.

Air ambulance crew help distribute Covid vaccines

The Thames Valley Air Ambulance crew have been helping with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout across the Oxford community. The charity delivered advanced medical care to...

Scientists behind Oxford vaccine to publish book

A new book is set to reveal the inside story behind the development of the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine.

In Praise of the UK’s Vaccine Rollout

I would argue that the vaccine rollout has been one of the few British successes to quietly emerge from the pandemic, primarily as the government has taken a step back and left it to non-partisan public bodies to head the process.

The Beginning of the End

Maybe we like the idea of being the protagonist of a gritty Doomsday story?

Oxford school becomes first vaccination centre in the city

"We want to help the Government and the people of the UK beat COVID-19 because the quicker we’re vaccinated, the more lives we save, the more jobs we save, the more businesses we save, and we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to see that happen.”

The Oxford Vaccine – How generalisable are the trial results?

"Oxford-AstraZeneca has devised a vaccine in an unprecedented amount of time... However, with any and all science, it is important that we be critical of the claims being made, and question the scientific method used to arrive at such conclusions."

Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine up to 90% effective

This week, the vaccine being developed by Oxford University and Astrazeneca was found to be highly effective at preventing COVID-19 symptoms.

Oxford vaccine 7x cheaper than Pfizer’s

The vaccine against COVID-19 being produced by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca is likely to be cheaper and easier to roll out than...

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