Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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    Tag: coronavirus

    Oxford study claims deaths outside Wuhan in China did not increase...

    "Outside of Wuhan city, overall deaths did not increase in China during the first three months of the coronavirus pandemic, research by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Oxford University has shown."

    Some students can return to university from 8th March

    Students on practical courses or those who require specialist facilities can return from 8th March, but other courses will continue to be conducted remotely.

    In Praise of the UK’s Vaccine Rollout

    I would argue that the vaccine rollout has been one of the few British successes to quietly emerge from the pandemic, primarily as the government has taken a step back and left it to non-partisan public bodies to head the process.

    COVID-19 immunity passports: a fair policy?

    "If we have sufficient evidence to support the hypothesis of developed immunity, then the policy of immunity passports should be seriously considered. "

    Three more University libraries reopen

    The Sackler, Vere Harmsworth and Social Science libraries have all reopened as part of the Bodleian’s phased approach to increasing access to its on-site...

    Local jeweller asks for lockdown love stories

    A local jewellery shop is offering a prize for the "most romantic" lockdown love stories.

    Russell Group’s student newspapers call for safety net

    "It seems the Russell Group not only consider teaching to not have been disrupted, despite having almost a year of remote or blended learning, but also that the general distress caused by living in a pandemic is not enough to require special circumstances."

    City Council suspends non-essential services

    Non-essential services such as grass cutting will be suspended but emergency repairs will continue.

    BREAKING: University releases new guidance for exams and the upcoming term

    "For finalists, the University will instead be introducing a rescaling policy across courses, comparing cohort achievement to marks in pre-pandemic years and scaling where necessary."

    Covid-19 hospital admissions in Oxford have increased steeply in the last...

    “Our hospitals are fuller than they were in March and April last year. We are doing all that we can to care for our patients with COVID but, if people do not stick to the national lockdown rules, we are likely to see cases rise even more and the pressure on our hospitals and our staff will increase further.”