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Oriel announce quarantining students will face £400 food bill

Oriel College has told international students who intend to quarantine within the College that they will be charged £400 for food provided...

Keble College under pressure to reverse admissions decision

After students and alumni pressed Keble College to admit all students regardless of A Level results, the College is considering accommodation arrangements...

A Level Results Day: a ‘kick in the teeth’ for social...

"The overall result is that in a year where the imperative to work at home has already disproportionately impacted pupils from lower socio-economic backgrounds, the education gap has been well and truly entrenched by A Level results that amplify disadvantage."

New car bans planned for Oxford city centre

Oxford is set to implement two temporary bus gates, restricting cars from entering certain parts of the city centre.

Toxic mask-ulinity: What COVID-19 tells us about the cult of the...

"How has a public health measure become a point of gender expression?"

What’s it like getting a Coronavirus test?

Everyone has heard about the coronavirus test in one vague way or another. We’ve read about it in the news, watched Trump call...

IB results day: a broken algorithm which decided students’ futures

"The easiest solution that satisfied both the IB and the majority of schools was chosen, leaving the students behind."

Pandemic Perspectives: Texas

The current state of COVID-19 in Texas is ultimately a failure of federal and local leadership.

The future of bookshops is more uncertain than ever

"In the wake of Covid-19, it remains to be seen whether bookshops will continue to encourage our love of browsing."

Matriculation ceremony cancelled for Michaelmas 2020

In-person matriculation has been cancelled for the 2020-21 academic year, Oxford University has confirmed to students. It will be replaced with a...