Sunday, February 28, 2021
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    University democracy “hasn’t been working well”, says Louise Richardson

    The vice-chancellor criticised University staff for their "self-interest" and for being uninterested in university democracy

    Bernie Sanders, the hero we need but don’t deserve

    The former presidential candidate is popular not because he is a populist, but because he addresses the real economic and social issues voters care about

    Le Pen won’t win, but the Front National will not disappear

    Le Pen has utterly reshaped the French political debate, and will undoubtedly play a central role in years to come, writes Jorge Lopez Llorente

    The Rise of Evil: a user’s guide

    James Lamming on the unscrupulous way to power in the 21st Century

    Has 2016 shown that majoritarian democracy has failed?

    Alex Oscroft questions the effectiveness of majoritarian democracy based on the events of 2016, whereas Toby Williams argues that the system has just been misused this year