Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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    Oxford Union bans blind member ejected from debate

    Following the Oxford Union’s No Confidence Debate, in which one member was expelled from the Union chamber after a disagreement with staff, the Oxford...
    A shot of a grand, stone spiral staircase looking from the bottom up.

    Oxford’s accessibility crisis

    With University departments failing to comply with disabilities policy, Cherwell speaks to the students the Oxford system is forgetting

    Disabled characters must no longer be the villains

    The representation of disfigurement needs to continue in a way that will do members of the disabled community justice

    C+: Four in five disabled students struggle with academic work

    Cherwell Investigations found that 82% of self-identified disabled students find university work more difficult due to their disability

    Eddie Ndopu, Oxford’s first disabled African student, might not be able...

    Eddie Ndopu has won a scholarship to the Blavatnik School of Government, but may be unable to take up his place since Oxford's funding does not cover the extra costs of his care