Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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    First black head of an Oxford college appointed

    Baroness Valerie Amos is set to become the first black head of an Oxford college, following her appointment as Master of University College. The former...

    In full: rich colleges hinder outreach efforts

    Magdalen, Oriel and New spend less than 0.5% of college budgets on outreach in 2017/18
    a stack of children's books in a wooden box

    Knight Of: read the one percent

    Juliet Garcia covers the launch of Knight Of's crowdfunding campaign, centred around BAME children's literature.

    The walls that stare – what college portraits tell us about...

    They say a picture paints a thousand words. So what do the thousands of portraits hanging around Oxford colleges tell us about the University, and the...

    Magdalen unveils new portraits celebrating diversity

    The subjects of the 25 portraits are Magdalen staff and students who were selected through an anonymous voting process

    What does Hollywood’s new diversity trend mean for the industry?

    The recent shake-up in diverse roles in Hollywood has repercussions for the balance of power of the entire industry -- as long as this new wave of films don't sacrifice quality for publicity.

    St John’s professor sues University over ‘forced retirement’

    Court documents indicate “succession planning” and “diversity” were used by the college to justify the decision

    Geographers must celebrate the diversity of their field

    The recent display of portraits of the school’s decorated alumnae show that the subject is inescapably political.

    Birds of a feather flock together

    "There are no fixed outcomes when it comes to university"

    Keble ‘celebrate diversity’ with new portrait

    The portrait of Sir James Cameron Tudor, the first student of African-Caribbean descent to be elected president of the Oxford Union, is to be unveiled at the college