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World Cocktail Day at the Ashmolean Museum

As News editors, when we received an invite to the Ashmolean Museum’s celebration of World Cocktail Day – 13 May, for those who didn’t...

The ten best iced lattes in Oxford

Summer has arrived! Well, not quite, but as the weather picks up, more and more of us will be needing icy cold beverages for...

A taste of Tuscany

Wine was so prevalent throughout my Tuscan culinary experience, it replaced whole courses when dining out

Fasting and Feasting: food as the love language of the Arab world

"Whether fasting or feasting, the togetherness is what’s important."

In defense of Buckfast

"A bottle of Buckfast deep, even an atheist can find God."

Sipping in the sun

Though I’ve lived in England for most of my life, when I was but a small child my father had a mid-life crisis and...

Recipe: Mull with OJ, spice and all things nice

Georgina MacRae shares her tips for the perfect Christmas mull

Bar Wars: St Peter’s strike back at Regent’s cocktail theft

The supposed “theft” has caused uproar at St Peter’s with students describing it "a crime".

What’s cooler than Huel?

It seems man can indeed live on Huel alone. The question is, why would he ever want to?

Booze Cruise: Balliol Combine Harvester

Balliol's 'Combine Harvester' is as lethal as it sounds

An ode to the breakfast burrito

Joe Inwood recounts an unexpected summer love affair

Cocktail of the week: red snapper

Julia Alsop shares a refreshing vegan cocktail

Recipe: A duo of warming Christmas drinks

Sam Purnell shares his favourite two drinks to enjoy this festive season

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