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Pubs (and Kebabs)

You should not fall into the trap of thinking drinking is an essential part of university life; however, for many of you it will...

Date Spots

Given how many people you’re likely to meet in your first few weeks at Oxford, don’t be surprised if you make a romantic connection...

Spoons? Spoons.

An exploration of why we love Britain's most quintessential student pub chain.

Night Out: the Oxford experience

The trials and tribulations of a typical Oxford night out

Crewdate: the messiest night in Oxford

Joanna Lonergan takes us through the basic ingredients of a good crewdate

It’s time to talk about hangover anxiety

For many the morning after the night before is dominated by 'The Fear'

WATCH: Hugh Grant drinks from a shoe in New College bar

After talk on press ethics and formal hall, actor Hugh Grant seen “doing a shoe” to the delight of the College rugby team

More than a quarter of Oxford students don’t go clubbing

C+ investigation reveals new details about Oxford clubbing culture

My town and my gown: from the Dreaming Spires to semi-rural obscurity

Maxim Parr-Reid laments the parochial mediocrity of a vacation spent in rural Buckinghamshire.

Trinity freshers drunk and chanting during matriculation

First-years asked to donate £10 following “disgraceful behaviour” during ceremony

Oxford’s college drinking dilemma

Across Britain, students are drinking less and things are looking healthier. But something is going wrong in our colleges. Recent reports suggest the 2012 rise...

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