Sunday, July 25, 2021
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    Photo of two friends shaving, one is a cardboard cut-out.

    Nickrophelia — my lockdown cardboard companion

    Stripped of social interaction, structure and variety, lockdown-living is a lonely and oppressively drab state of existence. We all have our own way of combating...

    Great Thunberg’s Spitting Image Sketch and the Problem with Political Satire

    "Compared to the cutting-edge and culture-shaping Spitting Image of the 80s and 90s, this reboot seems to have taken out its dentures and started sipping the political and environmental crises through a straw."

    Classic Letdowns: Proust

    Disclaimer – I have not read the full 3000 pages of this story, nor do I intend to. The reasons for this will become...

    Sense and Sexibility: A definitive ranking of Austen’s leading men

    Welcome to my definitive ranking of Austen’s romantic heroes and, as an auxiliary ranking that I was not actually asked to add, my favourite...

    And a merry christmess

    It is hardly a ground-breaking revelation that Christmas is an extremely wasteful enterprise. However, due to my mum’s insistent anti-palm oil venture, this year's would be a truly green Christmas, whatever that means.

    Punch and BoJo

    What happens to satire when politics is already a joke?

    Dining al Desko Preview – ‘a tale of high treachery and...

    An acutely observed examination of inane office politics, despair, and social media

    Preview: Three Men in a Boot: A Rather Sketchy Show

    If your finger isn’t on the pulse of the Oxford comedy scene, this comic extravaganza may be just the thing you need to pull...

    The Rise of Evil: a user’s guide

    James Lamming on the unscrupulous way to power in the 21st Century

    Love in a Renault Clio

    Susannah Goldsbrough outlines Nancy Mitford’s tragic wit