Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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    Is this the end of the gig economy?

    "In European countries, the rising popularity of apps such as Uber, Uber-eats and Deliveroo has put a strain on welfare states; in recent years, there has been an expanding number of workers who are dependents of a company, without receiving the social security that comes with such dependence." Johannes Moehrle argues for the improvement of workers' rights in the gig economy.

    Confessions of an (un)qualified Au Pair

    “Don’t you dare cry. Don’t let them see a chink in your armour,” I told myself. Commands, negotiations and bribes had failed miserably, simply falling on...

    ‘L’appetito viene mangiando’: why Southern Italian food is the best in...

    To make Italian food is a labour of love, and requires a love of labour

    Long Read – The EU Betrays Solidarity

    When the European Economic Community (EEC) shifted to the European Union in 1993, Maastricht Treaty emphasised ‘solidarity’ as its founding tenet. In the Treaty, member states...

    Interview: quantum gravity physicist Carlo Rovelli

    The man who uses his writing to share his love of physics

    Italy heads to the polls, and towards political despair

    Despite promises of a new dawn from both left and right, Italy's political landscape looks increasingly uncertain

    Adolescent queer love in ‘Call Me By Your Name’

    Angelica De Vido finds the rich exoticism of Italy a perfect compliment to this tale of summer homoeroticism

    Audience walk out on Anna Fendi’s translated Union talk

    Students describe scheduling as “unfair”

    Italy’s alternative constitution: The state-Mafia treaty

    Charlotte Tosti interviews Giuseppe Pipitone, author and investigative journalist at Il Fatto Quotidiano