Saturday, September 18, 2021
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    Oxford gears up for Pride Festival

    “While the Queer movement has accomplished so much, there is so much left to be done."

    21 JCR Presidents sign open letter calling on university to revoke...

    A group of JCR Presidents and representatives have signed an open letter calling on the University to revoke the Sultan of Brunei’s honorary doctorate...

    Oxford announces review of Brunei Sultan’s honour after 56,000 sign petition

    Pressure on the University reached a crescendo yesterday as both of Oxford’s MPs, Layla Moran and Anneliese Dodds, urged Oxford to revoke the degree.

    Plush and Oxford LGBTQ+ Society announce joint funding campaign to improve...

    Donations will be used to fund a chairlift to make the venue fully accessible to wheelchair users.

    A letter to: My closeted self

    To myself, but hollow, It was a wild ride getting to the place we’re at right now. You spent the first seventeen years of your...

    Should Murray have been disinvited?

    Yes: Hannah Healey The central argument against no-platforming in universities is a clear one: we should allow debate around controversial topics because it inspires resilience,...

    ‘No Offence’ and ‘Antinuous: Boy Made God’ at the Ashmolean

    A review of the museum's latest exhibitions which are dedicated to telling LGBTQ+ stories

    Strictly Straight Dancing: Why millennials no longer watch TV

    Young people have switched off the box, could values have something to do with it?

    Tchaikovsky at the World Cup: Hidden Politics

    Tchaikovsky in the opening credits of the World Cup - a subtle platform for LGBTQ+ rights in a hostile environment

    London Pride: Commercialised

    This year London Pride coincided with the day England beat Sweden in the quarter finals of the World Cup. The pubs of Soho filled...