Monday, March 8, 2021
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    Walk Like Natives review – ‘A flash-mob blending into the crowd’

    A secret piece of theatre, taking place in central London, is a pure celebration of joy.

    Diversity at Men’s Fashion Week

    Baby steps towards diversity are being made at Men's Fashion Week.

    Impressionists Tate review – ‘impressive and surprising’

    Jonathan Egid is underwhelmed by parts of this exhibition, but impressed by its final three rooms.

    The Scythians British Museum review – ‘a vivid and intriguing exhibition’

    A vivid depiction of an ancient culture excites at the British Museum

    Kabakov Tate Review- ‘an exercise in alternative perspectives’

    Ilya and Emilia Kabakov's 'Not Everyone Will Be Taken into the Future' illustrates the horrors of the Soviet Union through a series of juxtaposing perceptions

    Modigliani Tate review – ‘a delight to walk through’

    Tate Modern's Modigliani show is tame, but beautiful

    The Jungle review- ‘an incredible, heart-wrenching story’

    Lucy Miles is left awe-struck and moved by the story of a Refugee camp in the Young Vic's new play, The Jungle

    In conversation with Matt Maltese

    Ollie Braddy discusses 'brexit pop' and the London music scene with singer-songwriter Matt Maltese

    Sensitive data stolen from exclusive Oxbridge club

    The society has warned its 5000 members about 'suspicious activity'

    The ‘new’ jazz must be seen as well as heard

    The latest offering from the 'new' Jazz scene is an innovative success, writes Harriet Davis