Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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    The language of Pride: five books I read in the closet

    "As well as the direct dialogue from writer to reader, I realised that I was just one of a larger readership: an intoxicating mix of individual and collective experience that was validating above all else."

    Unclichéd and unabashed: LGBTQ+ storytelling at its best

    Many a list of the ‘Top 10 LGBT films’ can be found online. Undoubtedly, another handful of these lists have popped up during pride...

    We must not forget our history – Pride was born out...

    "In a system created to work against them, queer people created underground communities in which they could be themselves."

    The Global Backslide of LGBTQ+ Rights: what’s happening and what you...

    While Pride should be a celebration of Britain’s vibrant LGBT community, we must also always remember that queer people still face discrimination, even across much of what we would consider the developed world.

    Songs of a Pride Cancelled

    Pride 2020, which was supposed to be a celebration of our place in the world looking forward to liberation for even more LGBT+ people...
    Image from outside Stonewall Inn of pride flags

    Stonewall: 50 years on

    We must never forget: Pride is a protest.
    Mashrou Leila

    Mashrou Leila’s Message of Pride Prevails Following Government Ban

    How one Lebanese band became a symbol of hope for LGBTQ people across the world

    Pride must be inclusive

    Why we need to include straight allies.

    Council fly LGBTQ+ Flag for Oxford Pride

    In previous years, Conservative Councillors had reportedly stopped the flying of the flag above the Chambers.

    Oxford gears up for Pride Festival

    “While the Queer movement has accomplished so much, there is so much left to be done."