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“Your English is so Good!” and Other Racist Microaggressions

TW: Racism Upon descending at Oxford railway station with my dad at the start of Freshers’ Week and waiting almost fifteen minutes in the queue...

Feeling (Un)attractive in Brown Skin – a personal account

TW: Racism The protests in the US spurred on by repeated institutional injustices against black bodies have opened up numerous conversations about race across the globe....

Why we should view the #foxeyes trend with narrowed eyes

Bella Hadid. Kendall Jenner. Two of the most renowned names, and faces, in the fashion world. Despite their natural beauty, both supermodels are alleged...

Can I speak to the manager?: what ‘Karen’ tells us about Internet discourse

'The social context to Internet discourse should not go ignored.' Zehra Munir discusses the 'Karen' phenomenon and its ability to capture the mood of society.

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