Friday, May 20, 2022
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Controversy stikes Oxford local council elections

Lib Dem student candidate hits back at "blatant lie"

Battling uncertainty with uncertainty is reckless: Indy Ref Two must wait

The case for Scottish independence is just as poor as at the time of the last referendum, argues Emma Leech

Oxford reacts to Brexit

The University shares its views on the announcement that the UK will leave the European Union

Nick Clegg: Stronger in Europe

Nick Clegg arrived at the Blue Boar Lecture theatre slightly late. But he didn’t pause on arrival; wasting no time in delving into what...

Yes To NUS Facebook likes soar in suspicious circumstances

Facebook likes on the Yes to NUS campaign page look unlikely to be genuine

Majority want NUS ‘Oxit’

Following announcement of NUS referendum, Cherwell survey finds that majority want out

Oxford to hold referendum on NUS membership

Referendum will be held on Oxford's affiliation to the National Union of Students before sixth week

JCRs in favour of NUS referendum

Numerous JCRs have mandated their OUSU reps to vote for the NUS referendum motion being discussed at OUSU Council tonight

Everything wrong with the NUS disaffiliation motion

In a real car-crash of a motion to OUSU Council, David Klemperer, one of Oxford’s NUS delegates and a member of the ‘Oh Well,...