Monday, January 25, 2021
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    John’s votes against new officer to defend freedom of speech

    The motion passed narrowly at its first reading two weeks ago, but failed to pass at a JCR meeting on Sunday.

    Tabloids must stop using children as a bastion for bigotry

    In light of the response to the Church of England's report on the protection of transgender children, Naomi Packer considers how the media uses children to further their views

    Rees Mogg is wrong, religion has no place in politics

    Rosie Duthie argues that politicians should be wary of letting their religious leanings impact their politics

    Yes, religion has a place in politics

    Iris Kaye-Smith argues for genuine religious conviction in politics, not Jacob Rees-Mogg's cynical cherry-picking

    Playing God since 10,000 BCE

    It is time to come to terms with our ability to manipulate nature.

    The UK education system needs to evolve

    Mark Roper argues that an understanding of evolution is vital to modern society, and that schools must adapt to reflect this.

    Tolkien and ‘the problems of another place’

    Sandy Elliot makes the case for art in all its uselessness

    Atheists among the least afraid of death—Oxford study

    A study has shown that atheists are not necessarily the most anxious about death

    Dostoyevsky and the crime of orthodoxy

    Daniel Villar reflects on how Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s religious beliefs influenced his literature as the anniversary of his death approaches on 9 February

    One thing I’d change about Oxford… Religion

    Cat Bean wishes that Oxford's theological history was more inclusive