Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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    Can you be a feminist and watch Love Island?

    One of the main issues for me, and many others, is the sheer lack of diversity on Love Island.

    Coming of age with Beanie Feldstein

    All teenagers hit that age where they are suddenly on the verge of adulthood whilst still clinging onto what is left of their childhood....

    Biting the hand that so rarely feeds us?: an honest review...

    *Spoiler alert* At some point during the festive period, without fail, I curl up on the sofa and binge watch Christmas films. The usual contenders...

    Damsels in distress? – The rise of the lesbian period drama

    Kate Winslet catches Saoirse Ronan’s eye in the mirror, watching in the light of an oil lamp as she takes her corset off. Later, Ronan...

    ‘Because I’m His Daughter’: Fathers and Daughters in cinema

    Lily Down traces depictions of the under-explored father/daughter relationship in film

    Admissions 2020: How has each college responded?

    Update 18/08/2020: Following the government's announcement that A-Level results will be based on teacher's Centre Assessed Grades, the University has announced it will honour...

    Female and BME students celebrated in new portrait collections

    Across several Oxford colleges, portrait exhibitions centred on the achievements of female and ethnic minority alumni and academics have been held this month. Portraits of...

    Time to tilt the lens- part 2: which inclusive approaches make...

    Inclusivity in fashion is more than just visibility: accessibility of shopping spaces and the actual products are just as important

    Byron, Elvis and Kim: Celebrity Now

    With social media platforms, we are now closer than ever before to celebrities and influencers. But has this changed the way we perceive them? George Rushton explores the celebrity/fan relationships across the ages.

    SU Council frustrated by rep absences

    The meeting was four students short of reaching a quorum, so no business could be voted on. Committee elections, a resolution to ban slates, and approval of National Union of Students affiliations were all on the agenda.