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Rhodes must not fall – head of scholarship programme rules out...

Elizabeth Kiss, head of the Rhodes scholarship programme, has refused to change its name on the grounds that it would be “running...

Statues Must Fall

“From the United States to South Korea, debates about historical legacy and modern cultural identity have raged around these figures of iron and stone”

Rhodes Trust announces largest and most diverse cohort

The 2019 class includes two Global Scholars

The Pitt Rivers must face its dark past

Museum director Dr. Van Broekhoven agrees that a future must be found for the Pitt Rivers' colonial history

Oxford to confront colonial past in £20,000 project

The move will include returning treasures seized during the time of the British Empire, and the study of more black and Asian thinkers on degree courses

Rhodes Must Fall join campaign for student to continue studies

Oxford student groups, including Rhodes Must Fall (RMF) and the Oxford University Africa Soceity (OUAS), have gathered in support of a campaign to crowdfund...

‘Rhodes Must Fall’ campaigners become Rhodes scholars

Two Cape Town University campaigners have been awarded Rhodes scholarships at Oxford

Rhodes Trust expands global reach and access

Rhodes Trust to expand globally, as well as form new partnerships

RMF members disrupt Rhodes contextualisation meeting

Rhodes Must Fall activists disrupted the Oriel-only meeting by accusing the college of "hypocrisy"

Woodrow Wilson’s name to remain on Princeton’s buildings

Despite a campaign by students at Princeton, the university’s board of trustees has decided not to remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from the School of...