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Tag: Satire

Punch and BoJo

What happens to satire when politics is already a joke?

Review: F*@king Hell

Political satire makes make Brexit the most interesting it has been for years in Tasha Saunders’s biting new comedy.


We live in a society that values things that are quick to buy, quick to use, and quick to dispose of.

Hogarth: Place and Progress

Prostitution, criminality, madness, lust, and squalor. William Hogarth’s collection of paintings and prints at the Sir John Soane’s Museum satirize 18th century urban crudities through graphic pictorial dramatizations and dark wit.

How to spot a Northerner – a handy guide

We’ve all heard legends of them. The mythical, aggressively friendly, Greggs-eating species of humans that populates the hills and valley of the...

The world’s in dissarhea: the sillier side of life

Turn on the news, open up the paper and prepare to enjoy the strangest show of all – the real world.

Chris Grayling has really outdone himself this time!

Chris Grayling has awarded a freight ferry contract… to a company that owns no ferries.

The Actor’s Nightmare Review – “a high octane sprint through an...

Mercury Theatre Productions' venture into theatrical hell is impressive, but the length of the production lets it down

Dining al Desko Preview – ‘a tale of high treachery and...

An acutely observed examination of inane office politics, despair, and social media

A letter to: my future employer

A reflection on the joys of the corporate world
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