Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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    General Motors’ stake in China’s Electric Vehicle market

    "The Chinese government is, on the whole, more committed to the EV transition and they have promising start-ups. I forecast that China’s EV market will continue to lead global demand and there will be a rise of Chinese automakers." Gabriel Ng looks at the future of electric vehicles and General Motors' involvement in a burgeoning Chinese market.

    Hallucinogenic healing

    "Some scientists argue that the use of psychedelics can drastically cut medical costs by generating a shift in psychiatry from the current palliative approach towards a curative one. "

    Science Snippets: Outrageous Octopuses

    "octopuses are prone to a peculiar habit. They have been seen punching (yes, punching) fish"

    In Conversation with Colin Wilson

    “Why do we care about this? Well, it's like a parallel earth. It's the same size as Earth, made of the same sort of materials formed around [...] the same amount of time ago. But it's evolved really differently with this huge greenhouse effect.”

    Wake up and smell the… nothing

    Once you lose your ability to taste, what do you eat?

    Oxford students awarded £80,000 research grants

    Three DPhil students at the University of Oxford have been given £80,000 each to fund their research.  The award was made by the Royal Commission...

    Oxford resumes COVID-19 vaccine trials after pause

    Clinical trials for the COVID-19 vaccine being developed by Oxford University are set to resume, after they were halted on September 6th following concerns...

    Speed or Safety? Science publishing in the time of COVID-19

    Global pandemics demand fast, evidence-based responses. This poses a conundrum. Communication of scientific research is deliberately and excruciatingly slow. After an article is submitted...

    A Reflection on Social Media in Lockdown

    While isolated in college, scrolling through social media and endless FaceTime calls became my lifeline. But social media also became an addictive whirlpool of...

    Oxford Expands Coronavirus Trial to Brazil and South Africa

    Having already undergone Phase I/II of clinical trials that began in April, Oxford's experimental vaccine is set to be trialled in Brazil and South...