Wednesday, December 2, 2020
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    “It could have been worse”: the danger zone of sexual harassment

    Implicit in every catcall is a recognition that my existence in your world is limited to how much voyeuristic pleasure you can derive from my body. You are reminding me that by leaving my home I am apparently consenting to being sexualised by total strangers. It is symptomatic of a wider culture whereby female existence can be seen as a medium for male gratification.

    Opinion – The Staff Student Relationship Rules Need to Change

    TW: Sexual harassment, sexual abuse, child pornography ‘Would you like a date?’ my tutor asked me plainly as our tutorial...

    Oxford It Happens Here launches “Letters from Survivors”

    CW: Sexual Violence Oxford’s It Happens Here Student Union campaign, which raises awareness about sexual harassment and violence...

    Sexual harassment: Additional measures adopted by University

    Oxford University has outlined several additional measures it will take to tackle student harassment and violence, it was announced on Monday.

    Wearing a thong is never consent

    The Irish rape trial reveals the flaws in our definition of sexual assault

    Oxford launch new sexual harassment and violence service

    Students will now have free access to trained specialist advisors

    St Hugh’s launch inquiry into sexual harassment claims

    The investigation follows claims about the behaviour of a now-deceased fellow

    Oxford to open new sexual harassment centre

    Students now will be able to gain support at a college, department and University level

    Young Tories face fresh condemnation after allegations

    Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, the Honorary President of the Association, told Cherwell that “there is no excuse for this type of disgraceful behaviour”.

    Oxford has most sexual harassments of students by staff in the...

    Guardian investigation finds Oxford has the highest number of staff-on-student and staff-on-staff sexual harassment allegations of any UK university