Sunday, April 11, 2021
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    Two lonely people, one heartrending production

    Bessie Yuill promises an intense evening of Beckett made accessible to all

    Review: The Homecoming

    After the play finished, a few good friends walked towards me. “Wait, so what happened?” My friend Alex’s facial muscles were contorted. “What the...

    Drop dead funny

    James Lamming is impressed by the originality and comic maturity of the Oxford Imps’ latest production

    “It’s about the ways that hope and faith fill up the...

    Hannah Chukwu is moved by the sensitivity of this production of 'Dying Light'

    A word from the stalls

    Miriam Nemmaoui accosts a teary-eyed audience member emerging from the Burton Taylor Studio, after the final showing of STOP

    Review: ‘Collaborators’

    Tilly Nevin rates this student production as amongst the best she has seen in Oxford

    Review: STOP

    Amaris Proctor admires this play's refreshingly frank attitude towards mental illness

    A fusion of movement, light, and sound

    Christopher James Goring finds much to admire in the complexity of Illuminated

    Review: John Hodge’s ‘Collaborators’

    Bessie Yuill finds herself simultaneously amused and disturbed by this dark tragedy about a fictional meeting between Stalin and Bulgakov

    In conversation with the creators of ‘STOP’

    Suzy Cripps talks mental illness and magic with the writers of a new musical