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Tag: transphobia

Bodyguards for TERF professor

An Oxford professor has been provided security by the University over fears she may face physical violence and intimidation from trans rights...

Merton College to host “homophobic” RZIM conference for third time

Merton College will once again host the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries’ Summer School this year, it has been announced.

Uni has ‘systematically failed to listen’ to trans students

The report found that 65% of transgender students believed the University had a “negative” or “very negative” effect on their mental health

Liberation groups condemn HistorySoc’s invite of Jenni Murray

They called on the society to publicly condemn her views and cancel the event

My existence is not your next punchline

Comedians have the power to shape how we think

Could Friends be any more problematic?

Rewatching the sitcom in 2018 makes me feel uncomfortable

Somerville votes against gender neutral toilets

Some expressed concern that women would feel uncomfortable using mixed facilities